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Jeremy "Jermbo" Lawson

I am a self taught Action Scripting-Artist. Art and flash is my passion, and has become my career. I am a visual person who likes to make things function as well was look good. Every day my art and flash techniques improve, from self-teaching to a mentor's advice. I am looking for a company to grow with. I have over 5 years experience in multimedia development, with expertise in: *Graphic Design *Flash Development *User Interaction *Staff Artist *Web Design *Advertising *Print Production



Flash Programmer

  • Design Video Interface
  • Built a Dynamic Streaming Video Player

4MediaOnline 2009 to present

Art Director

  • Hired a team, trained, and lead projects.
  • Responsible for design and build out of web sites for clients.
  • Worked on company web site and identity. ( Business cards, Logos, etc.. )

OMG National Contract Work

Graphic Designer / Flash Programmer

  • Responsible for creating a Flash XML video player, with custom functionality.
  • Working on a Site Spoke Person player, an interactive video welcome person.

DS Media Labs 2009 to 2009

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

  • iPhone development company - responsible for creating assets for games and Interfaces.
  • Worked on level design on the Relapse game for the rapper Eminem.
  • Created user interface for a game currently under development, called Dark Age of Reality

Impact Media Group 2009 to 2009

Flash Programmer / Designer

  • Contract in-house flash designer / developer, in charge of all interactive designs and build outs.
  • Also was responsible for HTML/ CSS and print needs.

Dev Element 2008 to 2009

Flash Programmer / Designer

  • In charge of all the interactive and print production
  • Solely responsible for the flash application along with contributing to the design.
  • Worked closely with a web programmer to make applications more robust.

Boca Systems 2007 to 2007

Graphic Designer

  • receive and organize customer artwork, check the work and make them "print" ready and make plates for the pressmen